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Stay calm during a tax investigation

If you find yourself subject to investigation by HMRC, you may find the process traumatic and costly. Call in David S. Fraser for support in completing the investigation as quickly and smoothly as possible. To give you total peace of mind, we can arrange a tax insurance scheme for you in collaboration with Abbey Tax Protection.

You should always be armed with complete information for any meeting with HMRC. We'll make sure that your financial accounts are up to date and accurate and help you prepare any other information necessary so you can work with the tax man and comply with any requests they may have.

Be fully prepared

As chartered accountants we make sure that we stay abreast of current tax legislation so you meet all your obligations. We'll help you minimise the amount of tax you pay so you don't pay any more than you need. We can also help with every aspect of your company's accounts, from VAT to payroll, so you can rest easy knowing your finances are taken care of.

The latest tax information

We'll make sure that you're fully prepared when the tax man calls.

Get the very best advice in the event of a tax investigation

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